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Championship Manager 2006 國家隊經理人更新檔

發表於 2006-5-30 16:33:16 | 顯示全部樓層 |閱讀模式

將於六月二號 公開上載

介時 Championship Manager 2006 將會以全新介面.系統 同大家見面.

更新檔 Screen Shot 馬上睇 :



詳情請瀏覽Champioship Manager 2006網頁

International Management Update for June
by Keir Edmonds - 18/05/2006

Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today confirms that there will be an International Management Update on June 2nd 2006 for the PC version of Championship Manager 2006.     

This update will be available through and from June 2 and should whet the appetite of every football fan who has any spare time in the month of June.

“Champ Man fans don’t need extra encouragement to play their No.1 football simulation, but the International Management Update will give them the chance to not only enjoy the scheduled football on the TV in June but also enjoy the first hand management of the international teams on their PC’s.” said Ray Livingstone, Brand Manager for Championship Manager 2006.

Developed by London based Beautiful Game Studios (BGS), the all-new 2006 version offers a wide range of innovative new features and is the most realistic version to date. Championship Manager 2006 allows you to manage your club to glory, dealing with everything from tactics and training to transfers - everything you would expect a real-life football manager to do without owning a sheepskin coat.

The International Management update will also incorporate a brand new interface including optional sidebar, which will help with navigation, as well as giving a great new look and feel to the game (screenshot attached). These two great features are accompanied by some updates to the general code.

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