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CM5 - just a new skin for 0304?

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The Champ is back and heading for the top of the league

Eidos' Championship Manager series is undoubtedly the greatest football management game of all time. Over the last decade it has gone from strength to strength, making armchair managers out of millions of gamers. With it now being a truly mass-market game, Eidos has put together a dream team to ensure that Championship Manager 5 continues this fine heritage. Beautiful Game Studios boasts a 30-strong squad including 18 programmers, three researchers, two producers, two designers, an artist and a community manager, all aiming to maintain the addictive qualities that make the game such a winner. With Champ Man 5 now less than a year away, the details are exclusively revealed in this sneak preview. Back of the net!

>Stat Attack
Previous versions of Champ Man have relied on the good will of fans to provide information on the players in the game. This time round the developers have taken a more specialized approach...

>It's Training Men
Research-identified as a weak area in previous versions of CM, many gamers chose simply to ignore the training options, as tampering would often have a detrimental effect on the team.

>The Big Match
After years of following matches through text commentary, a brave new world was introduced in CM4 via the 2D overhead match engine. Generally a popular decision, CM5 will utilise a similar approach.

>Search For A Star
Unearthing undiscovered players is a huge part of football, and therefore of Champ Man. The scouting system in CM5 is being tweaked to enable more specific searches to be carried out.

>Tactical Genius
The tactics screen has always been a success in Champ Man but BGS is making subtle improvements.

>Show Me The Money
As anybody who knows anything about football is aware, managers have no say in setting ticket prices, selling scarves or deciding how much salt to put on the chips in order to make fans thirsty...

>Seal The Deal
A fully realistic transfer model is being employed, encompassing an array of factors including finances, reputation and player personalities.

>Need For Speed
Sick of having to put the kettle on between matches? With no legacy code to hinder it, CM5 will provide a much faster gaming experience.

>Hit The Net
The website boffins at BGS are sitting with baited breath ready to answer your queries. Get involved in the official forums and tell them exactly what you’d like to see in the game.

>Still stuck on CM03/04?
For the thousands of you still playing Championship Manager: Season 03/04, this simple guide should help your quest for success as you eagerly await the release of Championship Manager 5.

>Competition Time
Be immortalised in the game and being one of the first people ever to play Championship Manager 5.

during the match - England Vs France
during the match - Liverpool Vs Charlton
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[QUOTE=holyknight001]個人成個龍門咁大    [/QUOTE]

half only     
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[QUOTE=alan_given]half only     [/QUOTE]
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[QUOTE=holyknight001]好威ㄚ  [/QUOTE]

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唔係好習慣during the match個幅圖~
tfsing 該用戶已被刪除
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不過CM d data方便係WE Edit人
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[QUOTE=Steve McManaman]比賽畫面好過FM好多...[/QUOTE]
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[QUOTE=Jason Del Piero]我覺得CM5既比賽畫面比CM03-04仲要差好多.......[/QUOTE]
我都同意, 所以都係玩fm
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